Facial Express

Facial Express

(all skin type)

This express version of a spa facial is a quick pick-me-up which can be done  during lunch-time or before that important dinner date. This treatment is sure to revitalize skin and have your face glowing in just 30 minutes.


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Enzyme Peel Facial

(all skin type)

This correcting treatment delivers brightening and clarity for immediate luminosity. With this result-driven facial, the face and neck are treated with an effective formula made to even and enrich your skin’s natural texture and tone. Using a powerful blend of illuminating botanicals your skin will appear lighter, brighter and more refined.


Advanced Repair Facial

Teen Facial

(all skin type, most for younger)

Get squeaky clean skin and an awesome complexion with this customized treatment just for teens! This skin care regimen is approved for all skin types and uses a non-irritating face mask to help control your skin’s balance. Decadently infused with multi-vitamins to works deep within your pores, get ready to sit back, relax and enjoy a totally fun and nourishing day at the spa!


The Anti-Aging Gentleman Facial

(all skin type for men)

This customized facial is specifically made to target unpredictable skin. We begin by getting rid of any toxins by placing a steamed towel over your face to unclog pores. Next, we restore balance in the skin by applying a soft vitamin mask that reintroduces necessary elements back to the skin’s surface. To top it off, enjoy a shoulder, neck and arms massage with a complimentary beverage.


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Clay Mask Facial

(for oily or acne prone skin)

Alleviate blocked or congested skin with our gentle but effective exfoliation system. By providing a thorough cleanse for each and every pore we are able to break down any excess buildup and treat abnormalities. Our botanical blends and vitamin enriched clay mask targets your face for instant results! Regular treatments will help to prevent breakouts and quickly generate newer and healthier skin.


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Correcting Brightening Facial

(most for dry skin or all skin type)

This exfoliating non-chemical treatment is the center of the clinical facial. This peel helps dissolve dead skin cells. Excellent for acne and scarred skin. This peel is done with a thorough deep cleansing facial. Ending with a cooling seaweed mask.


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Seaweed Therapy Facial

(dry or flaky skin)

We know how unpredictable sensitive skin can be, so we developed a custom facial that’s as unique as you are! Meant to soothe and deliver quick and effective results, our delicate seaweed mask is loaded with natural vitamins to help calm and purify the skin. To wrap things up we ease you into a warm and steamy cocoon where you will feel instant relief and allow your skin to come back to life!


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Milk Bath Facial

(for red, inflamed or sensitive skin)

Address dry skin and end dehydration with our signature milk bath. This luxurious yet effective treatment will help to reduce irritation and visible flakes on the skin. The secret lies in our one of a kind vitamin enriched formula loaded with essential oils that help retain moisture on the skin. Just one session will leave you feeling instantly hydrated and deliciously nourished!


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Anti-Age Facial

(wrinkle free treatment)

If the Fountain of Youth seems too far out of your reach, rest assured that our advanced fusion therapy is the perfect choice to channel a younger more confident you! Vital components missing in the adult skin are reintroduced and slowly absorbed through the face leaving behind immediate results. Our advanced tissue manipulation and carefully handcrafted minerals works hard to reduce wrinkles and


The Gentleman Facial

(all skin type)

Get squeaky clean skin and an awesome complexion with this customized treatment just for teens! This skin care regimen is approved for all skin types and uses a non-irritating face mask to help control your skin’s balance. Decadently infused with multi-vitamins to works deep within your pores, get ready to sit back, relax and enjoy a totally fun and nourishing day at the spa!


Anti-Age Facial (wrinkle free treatment)

Lifting Dew Facial

(all skin type, special for age skin)

This truly transformative facial combines cutting-edge skincare solutions, micro-current technology and advanced tissue manipulation techniques to sculpt, lift and hydrate your skin. Defy gravity and reveal a youthful, glamorous glow with our signature Lifting Dew Facial.


Advanced Repair Facial (once-scar and dark spots)

Advanced Repair Facial

(once-scar and dark spots)

This ultra-healing facial is meant to provide quick results to those with specific skin conditions such as hyper-pigmentation, congested skin, fine lines and premature aging. This revitalizing treatment offers a full enzyme peel, deep-cleansing massage and nourishing mask application before the skin is hydrated and finally indulged in a warm cocoon.


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Advanced Fusion Facial

(all skin type)

This deep-cleansing facial is meant to channel a fresher younger you in just 90 minutes! By implementing micro-channeling technology we are able to introduce age-defying vitamins and minerals directly to the skin’s surface, resulting in an intense glow and increased brightness for lackluster skin. Book your Advanced Fusion Therapy session today, and watch as your skin is left stunningly plump and evenly-toned. Maximize your results with a follow-up series of three or six express treatments.


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After Sun Care Facial

(for sun-damaged or dry skin)

Let’s face it, there’s no hiding from the sun, but with this revitalizing skin care treatment you can do wonders to reverse the damaging effects of UV rays. Our signature face peel will help you feel instant alleviation as moisture is quickly returned to the skin and sunspots and freckles are heavily reduced. This treatment aims to achieve chemical balance in the skin and is suitable for all skin types that have received sun exposure.


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Advanced Organic Facial

(all skin type)

Whether you are walking the red carpet or going on that dream date, this completely natural and organic experience is perfect for all skin types. Straight from the Hollywood Hills this famous celebrity-approved facial is intended to hydrate, lift and leave behind a permanent glow! This treatment is complete with a unique mineral-activated peel along with a cascade of vitamin peptide support, and a conditioning water bath that will provide radiant results every time. Your secret’s safe with us!


Body Scrubs

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The Royal Orange Scrub

Sourced from organic orchards this transformative scrub works hard to firm and nourish the skin. Begin with a full-body exfoliation, using vitamin-rich orange peels to stimulate circulation and renew healthy skin cells. Next, enjoy a sultry honey body masque, high in vitamin B to strengthen connective tissue and reduce the appearance of cellulite and unwanted bumps. A warm essential oil massage and application of exotic extracts will restore, hydrate and leave skin feeling refreshed and glowing.

30 min - $60

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Royal Champagne Sugar Scrub

Sourced from organic orchards this transformative scrub works hard to firm and nourish the skin. Begin with a full-body exfoliation, using vitamin-rich orange peels to stimulate circulation and renew healthy skin cells. Next, enjoy a sultry honey body masque, high in vitamin B to strengthen connective tissue and reduce the appearance of cellulite and unwanted bumps. A warm essential oil massage and application of exotic extracts will restore, hydrate and leave skin feeling refreshed and glowing.

30min - $70


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Foot Reflexology Massage

This affordable yet deluxe treatment has been linked to alleviating stress-related disorders such as migraines, insomnia and even sore muscles in the body. If you are experiencing unusual discomfort in the body, reflexology is an effective way to get to the root of the problem helping you to restore energy and resume the natural flow of the body.

30 min – $30
60 min – $45

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Lymphatic Leisure Treatment

Cleanse your skin and remove dirty toxins from your body with our lymphatic dry brush system. The lymphatic system carries all the white blood cells that fight diseases in your body. Dry brushing exfoliates dead skin cells, helps keep the pores clear, diminishes the appearance of cellulite and will leave the skin feeling deliciously refreshed and revived.

60 min – $99

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Aromatherapy Indulgence

Enjoy a much-needed escape via our highly requested aromatherapy experience! This sensory massage allows you to choose from a variety of essential oils to customize an experience that is completely unique to you. Aromas and smells can have a big impact on your mood, therefore, our spa specialists use the power of scent to harness total tranquility and leave you feeling at your very best! Great once a week for those who need to unwind and detox the skin, as well as soothe and revitalize tension in sore muscles or joints.

60 min – $125

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Deep-Tissue Temple Massage

Your body is a temple, and it is important to listen and pay attention to every inch of it! With our deep tissue techniques and hot therapy sessions, you can rest assured that there are no isolated areas of concern nor sore muscles in your body. Longer services are recommended for those looking for deeper tissue techniques throughout the body.

60 min – $125


Shiatsu Essence Therapy

Shiatsu therapy is an art form that combats common ailments we experience due to an extremely active or stressful  lifestyle. Our skilled therapists combine their healing techniques with a unique training that uses  similar principles to acupuncture as pressure is applied to certain areas of the body through the hands. This treatment can gradually achieve high levels of relaxation for a sustained  period  of  time. Why can’t everything be this easy?

60 min – $125
90 min – $185

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Circulatory Cupping Massage

Said to be one of the most relaxing sensations for the human body, cupping, is a form of deep-tissue massage that promotes healthy blood circulation by using the power of suction. In order to stimulate your body’s natural flow, gently heated glass orbs travel slowly up and down your back. This treatment can also help to alleviate back/neck pains, stiff muscles, or even chronic migraines.

30 min – $125
90 min – $185

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Swedish Massage

Pamper yourself from head to toe with our all-inclusive combo massage. Great as a gift for someone you love or as a treat to yourself, this completely immersive experience is one of the few sacred moments you get all to yourself. Feel stress physically melt away as your body become fully restored by our spa specialists whose main focus is to soothe troubled areas and relieve sore muscles.

60 min – $105

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Blossoming Mother Massage

A nurturing full-body massage that uses safe and effective prenatal techniques to release tension caused by overworked muscles. Ease mental and physical stress and indulge with this full-body, skin-elasticizing massage treatment. A decadent body oil filled with powerful omega-3 will leave your skin deliciously nourished and pleasantly awake.

60 min – $135
90 min – $175

Hot Stone River Massage

Hot Stone River Massage

Get ready to feel tension and stress melt away and indulge in a total sense of peace and tranquility. Sense the gentle heat of the smooth river stones as they lull you into a state of complete balance. Enjoy these moments of complete bliss, for they don’t come around too often!

60 min – $105

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Couple’s Nirvana Massage

Relationships can be stressful, but not anymore with our signature massage therapy session for two! Take a romantic adventure together in our private Couple’s Suite, as you enjoy a Spa, Swedish or Deep Tissue massage. You are then invited to a tea or wine service for two. Great for Anniversaries, Valentines Day or Birthdays! Cheers to love!

60 min – $200

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Perfect Day

Start your day with our lavish sugar scrub that feels as liberating as it sounds (30 mins). Continue with a Swedish or deep tissue massage (60 mins), followed by an advanced skin repair procedure unlike any you have ever experienced before (60 mins). But that’s not all, the cherry on top is a complimentary serving of your favorite beverage and additional meditation on us!

150 min – $299

Permanent Makeup

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Permanent Eyebrows

Permanent Eyebrows are achieved through a process called Microblading. Microblading is a semi-permanent process that creates hair-like brush strokes to mimic the look of natural brows. Our qualified technicians are top-trained professionals that are certified to use the microblading tool with the utmost precision and care. Before beginning the procedure a topical anesthetic is applied and a symmetry test is conducted in order to decide where each hairstroke will be placed. The microblading process is nearly painless and results can last as long as 18-36 months before needing a color boost. Help dramatically rejuvenate your face and compliment your natural form, with microblading technology for the brows.

Touch up $150

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Permanent Eyeliner

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is key, and small adjustments to your daily routine can make a huge difference! Permanent eyeliner is quickly becoming a popular choice for those who wear contacts lenses, have sensitive skin or are simply tired of keeping up with drips and smudges. In this easy 3-hour procedure, we will study the anatomy of your eyelid and decide on specific colors, shades, and thickness that are right for you! Once you are satisfied with the customization of your permanent eyeliner, we will apply a topical anesthetic to the surface of your eyelid for your comfort. Please allow 1-2 weeks for full results as colors will change shade during the healing process. Enjoy!

Touch up $150


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Permanent Lip & Lip Liner

It’s no secret that applying makeup can become very time-consuming and costly, especially when it comes to lip makeup. The constant application of lipstick and lip liner is so recurrent that we tend to go through these products more than any other beauty item! Permanent lipstick and lip liner can save you lots of money while also helping to enhance the natural composition and shape of your face. The
procedure begins with a professional consultation to determine the desired symmetry and fullness of your lips. Once the design is approved by you, your licensed technician will apply a topical anesthetic and begin the micro-tattooing process. This process should take no longer than 1-2 hours. Once finished, please allow up to 2 weeks for swelling to go down and schedule a follow-up visit immediately.

Touch up $200


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Permanent Hair Color

Hair Simulation is a specialized form of micro-tattooing that can help men and women mask the effects of hair loss, spots, or scarring. Feel your self-confidence restored without having to go through a lengthy transplant or surgical procedure. Our trained specialists can help you achieve the perfect “shaved-head” look by using high quality micro-needles that deposit color only at the outermost epidermis of the skin. Because of this, micro-tattooing is virtually painless and only requires a small amount of topical anesthetic. Keep in mind 2-6 sessions are recommended to reach your desired results.

Touch up $150



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Scar Removal Treatment

Skin is a multi-layer surface made up thousands of different color combinations which can vary from person to person. Because of this, covering up scars can become increasingly difficult. However, thanks to our scar camouflage and therapy session, we are able to perfectly match your skin’s natural color by using a blend of pigments that can effectively mimic your skin’s tone. Through the use of
micro-needling technology, microscopic punctures are made at the skin’s surface stimulating the production of collagen and forcing capillaries to rise, therefore creating smooth textured skin, with an even, healthy layer of color. Some scars require only a single treatment, while others may need multiple. Results are cumulative and may take 4-6 weeks to fully develop.

$150+ (2'x2')

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Stretch Mark Removal Treatment

While certain scrubs and moisturizers can greatly reduce the appearance of stretch marks, micro-needling has proven to be the quickest and most effective way to get rid of unwanted lines. Through methods more frequently used by professionals in the medical field, we have been able to introduce health technology to the world of beauty, producing more advanced results than ever before! Our stretch mark removal procedure will not only help stretch marks disappear, but it will also prevent them, by renewing damaged tissue, returning natural pigmentation to the skin and helping to firm loose skin cells. Please keep in mind that minimal sun-exposure will produce the best results.

$100 (2'x2')

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Tattoo Removal Treatment

Tattoo removal does not have to be a stressful process. With the help of our microneedling specialists, your skin can be fully restored to its natural state in just one session! Much like the original tattooing process, this tattoo removal system works by injecting a solution formulated to bond with the original tattoo pigment and draw it to the surface. Our specific tattoo removal procedure works faster than laser based treatments and is not color-selective, therefore, it will remove any tattoo regardless of size or color. Average treatments take up to 45 minutes for a 2” x 2” tattoo. Scar preventive applications and healing creams will be provided to client.

$200 (2'x2')

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Acne-Micro Treatment

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and it’s what helps our skin gain strength and elasticity. By introducing collagen through micro-needling technology we are able to make microscopic punctures in the skin that stimulate new collagen formation. This process also helps to open up fresh channels that allow Vitamin A & C to enter the skin more fluidly. As a result, the skin will appear healthier and plump and the appearance of acne and scars will be heavily reduced. Medical micro-needling is safe to use on all skin types and all skin colors. It can be safely repeated every 4 to 6 weeks.


Additional Services


Shellac Manicure$33
Shellac Manicure with Removal$38
Signature Spa Manicure (with 5 Minute Massage)$35
Deluxe Spa Manicure (with 6 Minute Massage)$45
Green Tea Spa Manicure (with 8 Minute Massage)$55


Shellac Pedicure$48
Shellac Pedicure (with removal)$53
Hot Stone Spa Pedicure (with 10 Minute Massage)$55
Sea Salt Spa Pedicure (with 10 Minute Massage)$65
Green Tea spa pedicure (with 15 minutes massage)$75
O P I spa pedicure (with 20 minutes massage)$83

Additional Services

Evergreen Mani & Pedi Combo$45
Princess Manicure & Pedicure$35
Gel Manicure & Pedicure$75
Gel Polish Change on Hands$20
Gel Polish Change for Feet$30
French Design$10
Get Polish Change with French$30
Callus Removal$10
Dipping Powder Full Set$45
UV Gel Full Set$60$4
Fill In Silk Wrap$45$40
UV Gel Fill In$45$40
Full Set Pink & White Gel$80$70
Fill In Pink & White Gel$50$45
Full Set Silk Wrap$70$65

Princess Prices

Princess Pedicure$22
Princess Combo$32
Princess Manicure$12
Princess Polish Change (Hands)$10
Princess Polish Change (Feet)$16

Eyelash Extensions

 Level 1Level 2Level 3
First Time$120 - Level 1$150 - Level 2$200 - Level 3
Refill$60 - 1 week$80 - 2 weeks$100 -3 weeks
Eyelash Lift Up55
Eyelash & Eyebrows Tanning35
Steam Bag Treatment 30 minutes65

Body Slimming Sessions

10 Sessions (Per Area)$1300
2 Areas$1800
3 Areas$2100
Pay as You Go$150


Full Face$50+
Half Arms$35
Full Arms$50
Under Arms$25
Lower Legs$40
Upper Legs$45
Full Legs$60

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Excellent employees and friendly staff. Love my experiences here.

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