Are you insecure about your bald spots? Do they seem to be getting worse and worse, with each day that goes by? Do you feel like its to the point where everyone seems to notice? What if our team of experts told you there was a way to camouflage it? Here at Evergreen Day Spa, we have specialized in scalp micropigmentation near me. Located in Boca Raton, we also are proud to offer microblading near me. 


Want Permanent Hair Color? 

Looking for permanent makeup and microblading Boca Raton locals trust and love? Look no further. Evergreen Day Spa is committed to top-quality service and customer satisfaction. Hair Simulation is a specialized form of micro-tattooing that can help men and women mask the effects of hair loss, spots, or scarring. Feel your self-confidence restored without having to go through a lengthy transplant or surgical procedure. Our trained specialists can help you achieve the perfect “shaved-head” look by using high quality micro-needles that deposit color only at the outermost epidermis of the skin. Because of this, micro-tattooing is virtually painless and only requires a small amount of topical anesthetic. Keep in mind 2-6 sessions are recommended to reach your desired results.


You can do all this starting at $300!


scalp micropigmentation near me in Boca Raton


We Offer Scalp Micropigmentation Near Me 

Bask in effortless tranquility as our highly trained staff works hard to promote health and well-being. We begin by getting to know you and your body’s individual needs. Through a professional consultation, we will determine the right skincare treatments, massage therapies, and healing sessions that are right for you. Next, we provide all of our guests with a relaxing ambiance and complimentary refreshments to help you feel calm and at home. This is so that you may become completely immersed in the therapeutic session of your choosing. Evergreen means to be forever young and full of life, and we live by that mantra!


What About Microblading?

Microblading, also known as Eyebrow Embroidery, is a procedure categorized under permanent makeup, but unlike traditional cosmetic tattooing, it is less invasive and is considered semi-permanent. Microblading typically lasts 1-3 years, depending on skin type and skincare routine. We are proud to offer this service at our salon, too! 


Check Out the Best Microblading Near Me

When it comes to scalp micropigmentation near me, we have just what you need. Indulge all of your senses as you enter the world of Evergreen Day Spa, while also getting the perfect reflexology foot massage near me along the way. Step into this one-of-a-kind oasis and leave behind the endless chaos that surrounds you! Choose from any of our carefully curated spa sessions inspired by gentle streams, pampered palaces, and exotic rainforests to kickstart your busy day. We are conveniently located in Boca Raton! With the use of our all-natural and organic products, you will be transported into a world of health and beauty suitable for any lifestyle. Call us today for the best massage Boca Raton has to offer. We also feature microblading near me.