How often do you find yourself looking in the mirror and thinking, “I am beautiful, but I would love if my lips were just a little fuller”? Voluptuous lips are gorgeous, and who could blame you for wanting a little extra thickness to make your glowing smile absolutely radiant? Sure, lip injections are always an option for the individual looking to fill their lips in just the way that they want, but did you know there are other options too? Have you heard of permanent lipstick? The experts at Evergreen Day Spa in Boca Raton can provide this kind of service to help you save time on your day-to-day makeup process.


What is Permanent Makeup?

Essentially, permanent cosmetic services are pigment tattoos that can be used to enhance aspects of one’s natural beauty, cutting down on everyday makeup use and application. There are several different services of cosmetic tattoos one could get from eyebrows to eyeliner, as well as lips, of course. Many of us use makeup every single day, consuming a lot of products and our time. Our lips especially can take a beating with every meal, and reapplication is far more frequent throughout the day. Cosmetic tattoos can be a fantastic way to cut out this bit of work daily.


What You Need to Know About Permanent Lipstick

  • The Tattoo is More Than a Lip Liner
    • A conventional lip liner, as the name implies, is makeup applied around the lips to give the illusion of fullness. A lip tattoo mimics this aspect; however, the pigment won’t just encase your lips but are blended down into your lip itself. This will create a more seamless gradient on your lips, so the tattoo won’t aggressively stand out on days where you don’t wear any lipstick.
  • Lip Tattoos Last Longer Than Temporary Lip Fillers
    • Typically, temporary lip fillers last around six to nine months before the effects revert and reapplication is necessary. Lip tattoos can last twice as long, or about twelve to eighteen months before the color fades, making it significantly more cost-efficient. Reapplication is also less expensive than the initial service, making permanent makeup a fantastic long-term investment.
  • Give Your Lips Time to Heal
    • A lip tattoo service, like a standard tattoo, will leave the skin with some irritation and swelling. It will take about ten days for the skin to heal completely, so it’s highly recommended that you schedule your session in advance and with days off. This is especially true if you’re planning on having the lip tattoo for an event like a wedding or holiday party. Additionally, you’ll want to avoid hot and spicy foods, applying makeup on or around the lips, and strenuous activity during the healing process. If you’re prone to cold sores, be sure to take preventative medication.
  • Tattoo Removal is a Last Resort
    • Ensuring you walk out of the session happy and satisfied with your new look is the highest priority with lip tattoo services. That being said, you might be nervous about not liking the final look. Laser removal is always an option, so rest assured that you always have an out later down the line.


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