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Foot Reflexology Massage


This affordable yet deluxe treatment has been linked to alleviating stress-related disorders such as migraines, insomnia and even sore muscles in the body. If you are experiencing unusual discomfort in the body, reflexology is an effective way to get to the root of the problem, helping you to restore energy and resume the natural flow of the body.

Blossoming Mother Massage

 A nurturing full-body massage that uses safe and effective prenatal techniques to release tension caused by overworked muscles. Ease mental and physical stress and indulge with this full-body, skin-elasticizing massage treatment. A decadent body oil filled with powerful omega-3 will leave your skin deliciously nourished and pleasantly awake.

Circulatory Cupping Massage

Said to be one of the most relaxing sensations for the human body, cupping, is a form of deep-tissue massage that promotes healthy blood circulation by using the power of suction. In order to stimulate your body’s natural flow, gently heated glass orbs travel slowly up and down your back. This treatment can also help to alleviate back/neck pains, stiff muscles, or even chronic migraines.

Swedish Massage


Pamper yourself from head to toe with our all-inclusive combo massage. Great as a gift for someone you love or as a treat to yourself, this completely immersive experience is one of the few sacred moments you get all to yourself. Feel stress physically melt away as your body becomes fully restored by our spa specialists, whose main focus it is to soothe troubled areas and relieve sore muscles.

Lymphatic Leisure Treatment

Cleanse your skin and remove dirty toxins from your body with our lymphatic dry brush system. The lymphatic system carries all the white blood cells that fight diseases in your body. Dry brushing exfoliates dead skin cells, helps keep pores clear, diminishes the appearance of cellulite and will leave the skin feeling deliciously refreshed and revived.

Shiatsu Essence Therapy


Shiatsu therapy is an art form that combats common ailments we experience due to an extremely active or stressful lifestyle. Our skilled therapists combine their healing techniques with a unique training that uses similar principles to acupuncture as pressure is applied to certain areas of the body through the hands. This treatment can gradually achieve high levels of relaxation for a sustained period of time. Why can’t everything be this easy?

Hot Stone River Massage


Get ready to feel tension and stress melt away and indulge in a total sense of peace and tranquility. Sense the gentle heat of the smooth river stones as they lull you into a state of complete balance. Enjoy these moments of complete bliss as they don’t come around too often!

Aromatherapy Indulgence

  Enjoy a much-needed escape via our highly requested aromatherapy experience! This sensory massage allows you to choose from a variety of essential oils to create an experience that is completely unique to you. Aromas and smells can have a big impact on your mood, therefore, our spa specialists use the power of scent to harness total tranquility and leave you feeling at your very best! It’s a great option to use once a week for those who need to unwind and detox the skin, as well as soothe and revitalize tension in sore muscles or joints.

Deep-Tissue Temple Massage

Your body is a temple, and it is important to listen and pay attention to every inch of it! With our deep tissue techniques and hot therapy sessions, you can feel rest assured that there are no isolated areas of concern nor sore muscles in your body. Longer services are recommended for those looking for deeper tissue techniques throughout the body.

Couple’s Nirvana Massage


Relationships can be stressful, but not anymore with our signature massage therapy session for two! Take a romantic adventure together in our private Couple’s Suite, as you enjoy a Swedish or Deep Tissue massage. You are then invited to a tea or wine service for two. Great for Anniversaries, Valentines Day or Birthdays! Cheers to love!

Perfect Day

Start your day with our lavish sugar scrub that feels as liberating as it sounds (30 mins). Continue with a Swedish or deep tissue massage (60 mins), followed by an advanced skin repair procedure unlike any you have ever experienced before (60 mins). But that’s not all, the cherry on top is a complimentary serving of your favorite beverage and additional meditation on us!



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