What is Massage?

Massage holds many benefits to both the mind and soul, but before we discuss all the advantages of massage it is important to understand what it is. Massage is referred to as the manipulating of skin and tissue to release pressure. Different types that are available at Evergreen Day Spa include Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Foot Massage, Aromatherapy, and more.

How Can Massage Help Me?

Over the years massage has become a popular solution for many people suffering from a variety of issues. Due to its growing popularity, hundreds of studies have been conducted to determine what exactly is happening within the body during a massage and why it can be so healing.

Stress Relief

We all suffer from stress. Whether it be from a hostile co-worker in the workplace or from keeping up with family life at home, stress relief is a necessity. When our experienced masseuses begin, they focus on areas that are holding stress such as the shoulders or neck to relieve tension, thus promoting relaxation and allowing a great range or motion for your muscles.

Improved Circulation

Do you feel tingling in your hands and toes often? It could be due to poor circulation because without assistance our muscles can become stagnant. Applied pressure to the ligaments and tendons by our massage therapists allows blood to flow back into the tissue and through the body overall. Specific motions can stimulate the blood to areas that have previously been congested so that you can say goodbye to those tingling sensations in your extremities.

Pain Relief

After long days of sitting at a desk or working out in the gym, our muscles tend to tense up. Our massage therapists work with you to learn about areas that are giving you trouble and target those specific areas. Areas that are stiff or swollen are most often the cause of our pain. Once the muscles are relaxed, blood can flow freely and flexibility is greatly increased reducing the overall feeling of pain in the body.

Reduced Anxiety

Human touch has proven to have healing properties to the psyche. When our massage therapists are able to target areas causing pain, the body is able to remove toxins and produce Oxytocin and Serotonin which are natural chemicals that regulate mood. Increased Oxytocin and Serotonin will in turn lower stress levels and improve overall mood.

Increase Immunity

The body’s immune system is a crucial part of our day to day life being that our immune system helps us combat the common cold, allergies, and even the flu. Massages have been proven to help boost our immune system by stimulating the production of hormones that act as the first line of defense when it comes to our immune system. Promoting blood circulation also allows the body to get rid of toxins more frequently, making way for the hormones we need to have a healthy immune  system.

The benefits of Massage are endless! From stress relief to increased immunity massage has been proven to make the mind and body feel great.

Are you Ready to Start Feeling Healthier and More Relaxed?