Healthy Feet Can be the Key to a Healthy Life

We are on our feet all day long. They are what hold our weight, what help us to walk from location to location, and even keep us healthy. Many times our feet can be overlooked in the grand scheme of things. We seem to give more attention to our complexions, our backs and other parts. Not to say that those parts of our body are not important but focusing attention on the feet has proven to help one’s health in many ways.

Foot Massages

Prevents Injury

Having a massage therapist work on your feet can do wonders on preventing injury. Massage naturally loosens the muscles and stretches tendons in the areas that are being worked on. When the foot is more flexible and relaxed injury is less likely to occur. When massage is then paired with strengthening exercises, any injuries in the foot can recover much quicker.

Helps with Pain

Many people experience foot pain due to plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is defined as inflammation of a thick band of tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes, usually caused by flat feet. Massage on the injured areas can release tension and allow a release to occur. Including strengthening exercises to your daily routine along with applying strong pressure to the arch during foot massage can even correct the issue of having flat feet and thus eliminate foot pain.

Reduces the Effect of Edema

Edema is described as the retention of fluid in the foot and ankle. This condition is most common in pregnant but can be combated with regular massage. Foot massage gets the blood flowing back to the area and increases overall circulation to the foot. With increased circulation, the foot is more easily able to move the fluid away from the affected area, thus reducing the water retention.


Preserves Moisture

Receiving regular pedicures keeps your feet from drying out. Dry feet can lead to a slew of issues from simple discomfort to risk of fungus. Pedicures remove dead skin and replace that dry skin wit  moisture for the foot to soak in. Keeping the foot at a comfortable level of moisture decreases the likelihood of getting blisters, cracks and more painful conditions.

Reduces Risk of Infection

Pedicures consist of clipping and cleaning the toenails. This is an important step in foot health because without these procedures, the feet are at risk of developing ingrown nails which, aside from being extremely painful, can get infected. Keeping the toenails short and clean reduces the chances of dirt and bacteria forming underneath the nail as well.

Promotes Mental Well-Being

Pampering oneself a little has been proven to provide mental clarity but when it comes to pedicures, it takes this one step further. The rewards of making sure the feet are clean and healthy last weeks after the pedicure is actually done. Having nice looking nails and feet makes you feel well taken care of and gives a sense of confidence.

Overall, taking care of your feet can be a mental as well as a physical benefit. Who knew the key to happiness was in your feet all along!