Foot Reflexology Massage

30 Minute Foot Massage

Release built up tension to feel more relaxed

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30 Min $45

60 Minute Foot Massage

60 Minute Foot Massage

Enjoy a deeper sense of relaxation with a full hour

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60 Min $60

Evergreen Day Spa Foot Massage

90 Minute Foot Massage

Completely treat yourself to blissfully unwind.

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90 Min $85

From Head to Toes

Get the Best of Both Worlds with our Combo Option

Swedish Massage

Combo Foot and Body Massage

Combat common ailments and reach a high level of relaxation!

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60 Min $100
90 Min $155

What an amazing experience! I will definitely be back.

Getrude M

Absolutely wonderful, no matter what treatment I have had I always feel like a queen when I leave. Everyone is professional and accommodating.

Joely Heidinger

Excellent employees and friendly staff. Love my experiences here.

Leah Ehrman