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Our Facials Services include:

Facial Express: This Spa Facial is a quick-pick-me-up which can be done during lunch-time or before that important dinner date. This treatment is sure to revitalize skin & have your face glowing in just 30 minutes.

Enzyme Peel: This is a correcting treatment which delivers brightening and clarity for immediate luminosity. The face and neck are treated with an effective formula made to enrich your skin’s natural texture and tone.

Teen Facial: Get squeaky clean skin and awesome complexion with this customized treatment just for teens! This facial is suitable for all skin types and it uses non-irritating face mask to help control the skin’s balance.

Anti-Aging Gentlemen Facial: The anti-aging treatment is specialized for targeting unpredictable skin. This facial treatment begins by removing the skin toxins by placing a steamed towel on the face. Next, a soft vitamin rich mask is applied. To top it off, enjoy a shoulder, neck and arms massage.

Clay Mask: Alleviate blocked or congested skin with our gentle but effective exfoliation system. By providing a thorough cleanse for each and every pore we are able to break down any excess buildup and treat abnormalities.

Correcting Brightening Facial: This exfoliating non-chemical treatment is the center of the clinical facial. This peel helps dissolve dead skin cells. Excellent for acne and scarred skin. This peel is done with a thorough deep cleansing facial.

Seaweed Therapy Facial: We know how unpredictable sensitive skin can be, so we developed a custom facial that’s as unique as you are! Meant to soothe and deliver quick and effective results, our delicate seaweed mask is loaded with natural vitamins to help calm and purify the skin.

Milk Bath Facial: Address dry skin and end dehydration with our signature milk bath. This luxurious yet effective treatment will help to reduce irritation and visible flakes on the skin. The secret lies in our one of a kind vitamin enriched formula loaded with essential oils that help retain moisture on the skin. Just one session will leave you feeling instantly hydrated and deliciously nourished!

Gentlemen Facial:  Soothing the skin that may be irritated from shaving, the environment, or everyday stress. It starts by doing a deep pore cleansing, and a light facial massage. Next, a soft mask is placed.

Lifting Dew Facial: By combining cutting-edge skincare solutions, micro-current technology and advanced tissue manipulation techniques to sculpt, lift and hydrate your skin.

Advanced Repair Facial: This ultra-healing facial is meant to provide quick results to those with specific skin conditions such as hyper-pigmentation, congested skin, fine lines and premature aging. This revitalizing treatment offers a full enzyme peel, deep-cleansing massage and nourishing mask application before the skin is hydrated.

Advanced Fusion Facial: This deep-cleansing facial is meant to channel a fresher younger you in just 90 minutes! By implementing micro-channeling technology we are able to introduce age-defying vitamins and minerals directly to the skin’s surface, resulting in an intense glow and increased brightness for lackluster skin.

After Sun Care Facial: Let’s face it, there’s no hiding from the sun, but with this revitalizing skin care treatment you can do wonders to reverse the damaging effects of UV rays. Our signature face peel will help you feel instant alleviation as moisture is quickly returned to the skin and sunspots and freckles are heavily reduced. This treatment aims to achieve chemical balance in the skin and is suitable for all skin types that have
received sun exposure.

Advanced Organic Facials: Whether you are walking the red carpet or going on that dream date, this completely natural and organic experience is perfect for all skin types. Straight from the Hollywood Hills this famous celebrity-approved facial is intended to hydrate, lift and leave behind a permanent glow! This treatment is complete with a unique mineral-activated peel along with a cascade of vitamin peptide support, and a conditioning water bath that will provide radiant results every time.

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