All you need to know about Nail Dipping Powder!

Dip or Dipping Powder for the nails has been trending all over social media platforms like wild fire. Kiara Sky was the person who made it go viral. it’s the newest and most creative nail technique that requires no curing needed and the results are amazing and they leave your nails with a beautiful matte finish that you desire. Here at Evergreen Day Spa we use Amazing Nail Concepts Nail Dipping powder & Leslie brand Dipping Powder.

The worse thing that can happen is have a cracked or damaged nail polish. After spending all that time and effort achieving an awesome manicure/pedicure, it sucks to open a soda pop can and screwing up your nails. The beautiful thing about it, is that is a safer technique than Gel or acrylic nail polish.

How its done?

The way that its done is by simply dipping your nails into the powder for a short time and then seal it with a clear protective polish. So there is no risk of inhaling dust from the acrylic nail or gel polish technique. No UV light needed. The best part is that the color is a powder which will not paint your skin with a semi-permanent chemical. If you wish to remove it or change it, the removal process is the same with Gel or Acrylic, with acetone.

Note: The longer you leave your nails in the powder the longer it takes to remove it later on. For example: When you come in to get the service and your nails are placed in the powder for 15 minutes, when you come back to change or remove the polish after 3 to 4 weeks it will take about 30 minutes to remove it.


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